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Understanding the science behind Vaastu

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016
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Food, clothing & shelter – these are basic needs. Beyond that, if you want anything that is peace, prosperity & harmony in life. Every human being in this world tries to build a place (abode) to live comfortably enjoying all the luxuries of this world getting maximum benefits of heavenly boons. Simultaneously a human is not aware that a lot of their problems are related to the structure – design, positions & internal arrangements of their Home/offices e.t.c. that is “Vaastu Shastra”, and those problems can be solved by implementing the principles of Vaastu in our life.

Vaastu shastra in nothing but the observation of the laws of nature, their effects on human life & their dwellings (Residential & commercial). Popularity of vaastu shastra is based on the fact that the people obtained favourable results after implementing its principles into their Home/offices/enterprises/stalled units etc. Most of the persons are not aware vaastu1about the severe results they experience due to improper vaastu like uncertain/premature death of any family member, miscarriages, long illness in the family, obstacles in female marriage, monetary problems, financial losses, quarrels in the family/partnership resulting in separations, academic failure etc. depending on the various combinations of the premises. There is no need to construct a new home/office/industry to implement the vaastu principles but even in our existing premises fortune will start flowing or at least ill effects will be minimized to a great extent “When the suggested changes are implemented under the guidance of an experienced Vaastu Consultant.”

Residential: As the design of the space should actually be stimulate one to feel the qualities of its intended purpose for example the dining room should stimulate the experience of hunger, the living room – Sociability, the study room – Alertness & the bedroom – Rest.

vaastu2Commercial shop/ Enterprise/ Industries: It is beneficial to all those who are associated with it. Staff will become efficient in work, Executives will command respect & Goodwill of the Management will increase with continuous & quick flow of goods & services. As the reason being everybody has a harmonious and balanced relationship with the basic elements of nature, there will be all round success, happiness & prosperity forever.

Vaastu shastra considers the importance of ARCHITECTURAL & ENVIRONMENTAL principles at the same time & it is the only science which instructs how to maintain best equilibrium of the five elements in the construction along with two type of forces of any residential or commercial structure. Also, how to rectify any existing place in compliance with interior, so that one should enjoy health, wealth, prosperity & growth.

In this competitive world, we need to secure every effort along with financial & physical capacity of a profit oriented business to sustain. In the race of modernization, the only focus and preference has been given to beautification, without the rules of vaastu which results in mental tension, unhappiness, friction & failure in the fast modern life.


Especially in Dubai, almost 90% of every area of the property will give you different reading of compass due to different wave length of electro-magnetic field, due to the difference of soil, dessert sand & different type of construction technology used here. Hence it is advisable to take the help of an experienced Vaastu consultant, after you notice such kind of variations by yourself.


For more details on Vaastu Shastra, get free advice from our vaastu consultant – Naresh Dulani.