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Posted by admin on February 9, 2017
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The people of SPF went head to head once again, this time in the form of a bowling tournament. The turnout was excellent as expected with 25 people participating, all of whom brimming with confidence and a desire to play their best and win.

The 25 players were split into 4 different teams: The Strikers, Pacers, Spartans and Rangers, captained by Abhik, Wajid, Sanjeev and Craig respectively. Each team were meant to play two games and the team with the highest cumulative score at the end of both rounds would be deemed the winner of the tournament. There were two prizes up for grabs, one for the winning team, and one for the individual with the highest overall score after two games.

IMG-20170211-WA0015The end of the first round say the strikers take a commanding lead with a total of 669 points, however the Pacers were not far behind, scoring a total of 621.  The Spartans and Rangers ended the first round with some work to do finishing with 514 and 510 points respectively. There were some strong individual performances in each team after the first round as well. For the pacers, captain Wajid scored an impressive 111 hitting two strikes and a spare in the process. Suraj managed to grab 119 for the Spartans while hitting two spares and two strikes in a row. Rohal replicated Wajid’s score by also hitting a worthy 111 with three spares and a strike. The highest individual score after the first round went to Abhik whose six spares and two strikes resulted in a 167.

IMG_0432 (Large)The second round also saw some strong individual performances, notably from Sanjeev whose three strikes and three spares in a row saw him score a brilliant 161. The round also saw a great turnaround from players in the Rangers with Craig and Rohal scoring 115 and 121 which resulted with them ending up topping the second round with 588 points. Meanwhile the Strikers, who scored the highest in the first round, came last in the second with 570 points. The Pacers and Spartans managed a score of 584 and 568 after the second round.

Despite a poor performance in the second round, the finally tally of points saw the Strikers coming in at 1st place with 1239 points. A close 2nd were the Pacers with 1205 followed by the Rangers and Spartans with 1098 points and 1082 points. The prize for the highest Individual score went to Abhik, whose 8 spares and 5 strikes over two games resulted in a total of 304. After his impressive score of 161 in the second round, Sanjeev finished as the runner up in the highest individual score category with a 263.

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