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Posted by admin on March 9, 2017
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SPF’s third monthly Thunder Thursday saw the staff go up against each other in a friendly, yet draining few games of football. This time, the team names were decided by the team’s respective captains, and the results of that were interesting to say the least. The team names and their captains were as follows: The Grillos (captained by Abhik), The Gooners (captained by Suraj), The Gundas (captained by Tarun) and The Good Fellas (captained by Craig). The teams were carefully chosen based on skill levels, endurance, experience, and of course, handsomeness.

Each captain had an opinion of how their team would perform in the tournament. Suraj, captain of the Gooners, mentioned, “I might have sealed our fate in the tournament after naming us the Gooners. We were born for that 4th place spot.”IMG-20170310-WA0033

All teams were to face each other once during the group stage in 10 minute, 5v5 games. Those lucky enough to have substitutes could rotate with them whenever they were needed. The top 2 teams from the group stage then would go on to play a final where the winning of the tournament would be decided.

On paper, the teams were level on every attribute; however things rarely turn out as expected on the field. Suraj’s Gooners took the tournament by storm winning all their games in the group stages while conceding only 1 goal in the process. The Grillos had a bittersweet group stage, as they came out with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 (heavy) loss. The Good Fellas also managed to finish the group stage with only 1 defeat, however, the other 2 games ended in draws. The Gundas made tough work out of the group stages, drawing 1 game and, unfortunately, losing the other 2 despite a valiant effort.

IMG-20170310-WA0087The final saw the Gooners and the Grillos go head to head. There were contrasting attitudes before the game as the Gooners were quite relaxed and ready to go again, but the Grillos were burrowed within themselves discussing tactics and defining roles within the team. The group stage match between these two teams saw the Grillos suffer a scarring 4-0 defeat.

AIMG-20170310-WA0046ll tactics went out the window as the Gooners scored an early goal. Following this the Grillos had to be less conservative and move the ball into the opposition half. Unfortunately, this exposed the defense and the Gooners (with the help of the referee of course), took advantages of that and scored 2 more goals. The Grillos managed to pull one back towards the end, however, it was too little too late.

The Gooners were deservedly crowned champions of the tournament, winning every single game and conceding only 2 goals. Great credit went to Suraj for his positional discipline and robust defending, Francis for his agility in goal, and Rohal for being the top scorer.

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