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Posted by admin on April 20, 2017
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This month for Thunder Thursday saw the SPF staff go head to head in badminton. The tournament started with 16 teams of 2 which were pre-decided by the organizers and would follow a knockout format all the way to the final. The teams were decided based on several factors such as speed, strength, experience in the game, stamina and, of course, chemistry between partners. The match ups up left to fate as they were chosen through a random process.

After a 15-20 minute practice session where everyone was given the chance to find their flow (because lets be honest, not many people play badminton regularly) the first official match up began; Saurabh & Sanaz vs Rohal & Charmaine.

The first knockout round saw an abundance of competitive spirit as it was clear every single team was there to win. However, only 8 teams could make it to the next round. There were some strong performances in the first round and it was definitely going to be interesting to see who would reach the final.

IMG_2125 (Medium)Following the second round, the 2 fixtures to be played in the semi-final were Ehtisham & Elbek (Ehtishbek) vs Rohal & Charmaine (Romaine) and Jane & Suraj (Jane-raj) vs Tarun & Sanjeev (Tarjeev). All of these teams put in brilliant performances in the first two rounds and all of them looked destined for the final from the get go. The match between Ehtishbeck and Romaine was tightly contested, with Ehtisham especially exhibiting his ability and experience at Badminton. However, while individual talent gets you far, it doesn’t get you all the way as Romaine managed to snatch victory from Ehtishbeck, sealing their place in the final. The other game, Jane-raj vs Tarjeev, was also very competitive and showcased an awesome display of IMG_2150 (Medium)athleticism and skill. In the end, Jane-raj came on top and cemented their place in the final of the tournament.

Jane-raj and Romaine were the two teams from the very beginning that seemed to be favorites.  All games played before this were played to 11, however the final was to be played to 21. The score was going back and forth and it was very evident that these two teams were very evenly matched. Intensity was in the air and fatigue was setting in from the hangover from all the previous games played and the extended length of this one however both teams were playing to their absolute max.

In the end, it was Jane-raj who came out victorious with a 21-19 victory over Romaine. Both teams put in their blood, sweat and tears throughout the tournament (tears mostly from Rohal), however only one could come out on top and, in the end, it deservedly went to the victors.

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