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The ‘COVFEFE’ of My Dubai

Posted by admin on July 1, 2017
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On Wednesday, the 30th of May, 12:06 A.M. (US), a new word was born as a result of a misspelled tweet, posted by the President of the most powerful country of the world – #COVFEFE.

Donald Trump tweeted- “Despite the constant negative press ‘covfefe’”

The tweet took the internet by storm and went viral across all social media accounts, in a matter of few hours, as people went on to interpret its meaning. Besides all the positive and negative criticism, ‘COVFEFE’ surely sparked up multiple humorous conversations, and tweeters from around the world took its meaning to a different level, by generating puns of their own. Shortly after the viral tweet, the President of the United States of America, left it to the general public, to figure out its meaning.

So here we are. This brings me to the reason behind writing this article. #COVFEFE, has blown the internet over, and has been used in many innovative ways, situations and memes. Urban dictionary defines ‘COVFEFE’ as coverage when you have to type the word fast on your tablet/laptop. So what is the meaning of ‘COVFEFE’? Is it coffee, coverage, covered or simply a mystery word left on the imagination of people?

This article will explore, what ‘COVFEFE’ means in the context of Dubai. The land where everything is bigger, better, larger and not to miss, shinier. Where the ‘COVFEFE’ of everything, is so loud and bold, that it never goes unnoticed, and in fact it creates a buzz, just as sensational as Trump’s misspelled tweet.  What’s amazing is that, covered in a mere area of 4000km square, this city doesn’t fail to surprise both its visitors and residents, with its marvellous, eye opening and spectacular innovations, and its ambitious outlook to strive for bigger and better.

Dubai is UAE’s most prestigious city, comprised of an ever changing landscape, relating to new and newer developments, technological innovations, demographics and infrastructure. The originator of the famous #COVFEFE, Donald Trump himself, commented on his last visit that he has never seen so many cranes in one city. You visit Dubai after two months the entire ‘COVFEFE’ has changed. Nothing remains constant, and it is a true depiction of a 21st century urban, cosmopolitan city. The word ‘COVFEFE’ suits Dubai perfectly, because, so fast are the changes in the city, only the modern word- ‘COVFEFE’ can cover the pace of its change.

The defining landmarks of the city have given Dubai a global multicultural ‘COVFEFE’ and a distinguished position in the eyes of the world. The ‘COVFEFE’ of the world’s tallest building- ‘Burj Khalifa’, created headlines in the newspapers of the world when it first opened. At 2,717 feet, the ‘Burj Khalifa’ is the world’s tallest skyscraper, having many firsts associated with its name such as the – highest restaurant, highest swimming pool, residential housing area and a luxury hotel. The ‘COVFEFE’ of ‘Burj Khalifa’ has caught up with the entire globe, and has attracted visitors from different nations.

When it comes to constructing, never seen before skyscrapers, Dubai beats any city in the world, with its design and architectural intelligence, but this is not just it. It is the home to the largest manmade island in the world- ‘The Palm’. The ‘COVFEFE’ of which can be seen, even from the moon.

Talk about surprising people with the best and the most exclusive brands from around the world, under one roof- ‘The Dubai Mall’. The ‘COVFEFE’, of Dubai Mall offers a global shopping experience to todays modern consumers.

Think about how many countries are represented in a single city like, Dubai. Have you seen a land which has a ‘COVFEFE’ of over 180 nationalities residing peacefully, together? With the Emirati population comprising of only 10% of the total demographics, the city is a beautiful example, of how people show cooperation and mutual respect for different cultures and backgrounds. Moreover, each unique nationality brings in their skills and preferences and is welcome with open arms, to do so.

Not to forget, UAE’s national airlines- ‘Emirates Airlines’ which is an epitome of class, luxury and comfort. ‘Emirates Airlines’ is an expanding ‘COVFEFE’ of new destinations, new aircrafts, new technology and top of the line service.

Moving into the future, the city’s latest development in JBR, the ‘Dubai- I’ or ‘Ain Dubai’, will have a remarkable ‘COVFEFE’, one that the world has never seen before, by being the tallest ferris wheel in the world.

To sum it all up, Dubai is a ‘COVFEFE’ of multicultural consumers, breath-taking skylines, beautiful roads, exotic activities, leisure attractions, restaurants offering world class cuisines and luxury hotels. And this is just the beginning, as this is increasing with the influx of global company’s, attracted to set up business in this dynamic city. Bringing the best of both worlds- east and west, and providing an amalgamation of culture, art, luxury design, and a remarkable service culture. Even though Trump’s tweet referred to negative ‘COVFEFE’, from the press. In Dubai, there is only positive ‘COVFEFE’ aimed at economic progress and raising the happiness and safety index of people living here. The only thing constant in Dubai is the change. Fast change – ‘COVFEFE’.



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