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Why should you use a broker to buy or sell a business?

There are many benefits for both parties, sellers and buyers, find below just a few. When you want to sell your business, you don’t want just any buyer, you want the best buyer.  As a reputable business broker and intermediary, we make sure that the right questions are asked to help you organise your thoughts, review your priorities and understand what the market is offering.

The target is very simple, to close the best possible deal for both, the buyer and the seller.


We are able to pre-qualify potential buyers and sellers alike after the prospects has signed a non disclosure agreement. This will ensure that your business is not offered inflationary and only to truly interested and capable buyers.

Saving Time

While the seller or buyer is focused on running a business, our dedicated team is preparing all the details and facts so that you can significantly save time during the selection process.


Every business is different, and there are plenty of variables which need to be thought through and each of them is important for the valuation.

For example, for an restaurant, cafe or bar, the micro location within a building or a mall can make a huge difference in the financial success.

As a experienced broker we have a lot of data which we can use to come to a realistic estimation.


In many cases owners of businesses build a emotional attachment to their business and this can lead to bad results in the end.

We offer rational advice based on market facts, analysis and guide through the whole process with our extensive experience.

Marketing Skills

To sell a business, a broker need to have the marketing skills and experience.

Apart from our marketing knowledge and possibilities, we have the right tools and resources in place to reach the widest possible audience.

This is why businesses sold by brokers instead of direct sale through the owner are on average sold 3,5 times faster and achieve 26% higherprices for sellers.