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Staff Accommodation


The staff accommodation market which is the least explored by investors has witnessed a huge demand in the Emirates, specifically in Dubai. With loads of workers and laborers coming into the market to assist with construction projects, this market is accelerating at a record pace. Further, due to the growth in the retail and hospitality sectors, there is a greater need for affordable accommodation for executive staff. Whether you require a few rooms, a building or a specific plot to build your own, we have it all covered, with our offerings.


  • Rooms for Executive Staff
  • Buildings for Executive Staff with amenities
  • Flexible room sizes and configurations
  • Retail areas with supermarkets
  • Public transportation services
  • Tax services
  • Private health and ambulance centers
  • Mosques
  • Recreation areas
  • Sports facilities


  • Employers- Due to increase in housing costs, employees are not turning to more affordable alternatives and are opting for contracts with accommodation packages. The ups and downs of rentals in the UAE have created the need for manpower intensive companies to provide long term solutions for their workforce. The advantage of long-term contracts is that companies, get to secure rents lower than the market rate and improve their cash flows.
  • Mobilization- Mobilization is another key factor, in keeping your staff together, this has resulted in high occupancy rates for staff accommodation.
  • Staff accommodation- There are very few companies in the world, which provide staff accommodation, mainly due to higher costs. The UAE, in this aspect, has a leading advantage over other nations, and therefore attracts a huge workforce.
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