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Ranjeet Chavan - CEO

Ranjeet Chavan’s story is a very peculiar one. Unlike most people who are currently in the industry, Ranjeet got into the industry by default at the age of 18 working as a junior sales executive at Rocky Real Estate. At the time, he had no intention of pursuing a career in real estate, but as time went by and as his knowledge of the industry expanded further and further, he grew to the love the ever changing and dynamic climate of the real estate landscape.

After a string of several positions in multiple companies and with a wealth of experience under his belt, Ranjeet, along with his partners, started SPF Realty in 2006. His decades of experience in the industry led him to the conclusion that to be successful in the industry, there needs to be aggressive growth coupled with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. This is his one true philosophy: to put decision making in the hands of the customer by being extremely transparent and fair in the business practices that are conducted and also by simplifying the complicated realty process as much as possible for them.

As a leader, Ranjeet believes that to have willing and dedicated followers, he must share all the knowledge he has collected over the years in the industry with his employees, and this is exactly what he does. His door is always open to whoever needs guidance. He also frequently holds interactive sessions with his staff to keep them up to date with current affairs in the market in order instill confidence within his staff and achieve successful results.
The 2008 recession with tough on all the players in the market, and it was no different for Ranjeet Chavan and SPF Realty. While everyone slowed down their activity by cutting marketing and advertising, Ranjeet saw this as an opportunity to showcase the name SPF Realty in an uncluttered environment and this is exactly what he did even though it came with a huge risk. However, because of this risk, SPF reaped the rewards and became one of the top players in the real estate industry.