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People talk about growth in the property sector, but seldom investors focus on the staff accommodation market. This, particularly in Dubai, has recorded a significant increase in demand across the emirate.

More than 65,000 units will be required over the next three years to accommodate the increasing population of labourers. Due to this, average rentals for staff accommodation has seen significant price rises. A staff accommodation bedspace has also doubled from about AED 200 per person a month in 2009 to AED 450 and more in 2017.

Further growth in intensive manpower sectors such as hotel and retail has also led to a shortage in executive staff accommodation at affordable rates. Dubai currently has 90,000 hotel rooms and expects to add another 20,000 by end of 2017. Government estimates state that nearly 20 percent of the population is currently employed in retail and hospitality.

We cover all aspects of staff accommodation, whether you need just a few rooms or a full building, accommodation for executive staff or indeed a plot where you can build to suit your own specific needs.

With our dedicated staff accommodation team, we can provide a complete market offering in addition to the experience and understanding of your needs.

What do you need?
  • Flexible room sizes and configurations that can accommodate 1 – 8 persons per room
  • Buildings or rooms for executive staff fully serviced, with all facilities including pools, gyms etc.
  • Retail areas with supermarkets, shopping facilities, barber shops, internet café, laundry, restaurants and banking facilities
  • Public transportation and taxi services
  • Private health centres
  • Ambulance centre
  • Mosques
  • Recreation areas and sports facilities

Advantage for Employers

Housing accounts for at least 40 percent of an employee’s total remuneration package. However, as housing costs have significantly increased, employees are now looking at securing packages inclusive of accommodation rather than paying for it separately.
Continuous fluctuations in rents have forced most manpower intensive companies to look for long-term contracts or owning the properties rather than paying house rent allowances.
Long-term contracts help companies to secure rents at a lower than market rate and improve predictability of cash flows.
Time is of the Essence

Mobilisation is another key benefit of keeping staff together in one place rather than in different areas of the city.
As a result, high occupancy rates have been recorded in existing executive accommodation.

Quo vadis, staff accommodation?

Unlike other parts of the world, there are very few companies providing staff accommodation services.
Therefore, many companies are investing in building staff housing. For instance, the facilities management company Imdaad earmarked AED100 million to build a housing complex. Imdaad is also going to buy completed residential properties for middle and senior-level management staff.
Emirates airline is developing five residential towers, which will be allocated to crew members, in addition to 570 villas for top-level management. Such activity is a clear indication of future demand.